Apple Watch Series 3 comes with LTE and a 70% faster CPU

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Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 was also unveiled at the keynote event alongside the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Apple has proudly announced that their watches have a 97% customer satisfaction rate and has overtaken Rolex to become the world’s No. 1 watch brand.

The new Apple Watch comes with tons of new features and enhancements, the major one being LTE connectivity. So now you can make calls and receive texts, even if you don’t have access to your iPhone. To add support for cellular connectivity, Apple has integrated an eSIM inside the watch that will use the same number as your iPhone’s SIM card. The eSIM is over a hundred times smaller than a regular SIM card. And what’s interesting is that watch’s display acts as the antenna for LTE.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is powered by a new dual-core CPU that is 70% faster than the previous generation. So with the faster CPU, Siri can now talk using the built-in speaker. For improved wireless connectivity, Apple has developed a new wireless chip that increases Wi-Fi speed by a whopping 85% and enhances the power efficiency of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth by 50%. A barometric altimeter is also present in the Watch Series 3 that will help in tracking activity, workouts, flights of stairs climbed etc. And despite the addition of all these features, the size of the watch remains physically the same.

The Watch Series 3 runs watchOS 4 that has loads of new features including the ability to stream songs directly from your watch via Apple Music. It includes an improved Heart Rate app that provides a more detailed report. It warns you if you have an irregular heart rate (arrhythmia) or if your heart rate rises while you are resting.

Apple’s new Watch is water resistant and as for its design, it is almost identical to its previous generation. The battery of the watch can easily get you through the day, 18 hours to be precise, although it’s quite low when used for calls. According to Apple, the Watch Series 3 delivers a talk time of up to 1 hour on LTE and up to 3 hours when paired with an iPhone via Bluetooth.

Apple Watch Series 3 launch countries

The Apple Watch Series 3 will set you back $399 for the LTE model, while the model without LTE will cost $329 in the US. Pre-orders will start from September 15 and sales will be live starting September 22. Initially, it will be available in 9 markets. Along with the Silver and Space Black stainless steel cases, it also comes in a new Gold Aluminum case. The Apple Watch Edition also includes a new dark gray ceramic case.